Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast

Where together we remember Love and our soul's Divine purpose

LIVE Biweekly Tuesdays at Noon pacific

In each episode, former lawyer and now spiritual messenger & mentor and Divine Purpose Coach, Jenny Hogg Ashwell, guides listeners on an exploration of spiritual enlightenment and the journey to remember the Love That Connects All and our soul's Divine purpose.

The show is based on her #1 International Bestselling spiritual guidebook, Love's Curriculum: Messages of enlightenment, which she scribed for the High Council (Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who have gathered to help us awaken). In addition, during each episode, Jenny tunes in to the High Council for messages and guided meditations.

AND Listen Live and Call-In to the show to ask the High Council a question or receive a personal mini-message!!

A recent 5 star Review

"This is a great podcast to listen to when I'm in need of a 'feel good' boost. Jenny's gentle style is refreshing and calming in a world that feels like it's set to fast-forward. She shares her loving guidance in a way that enlightens and soothes."