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The Vision of Love's Curriculum

Here is my heart’s vision of Love’s Curriculum and where it is headed. Welcome! And thank you for joining me here.

LOVE. Jenny Hogg Ashwell

My Soul Assignment: Love's Curriculum is my soul’s assignment to work as a conduit for the High Council to awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world, and to help lightworkers and Love Advocates step into living their soul's purposes and be the change in the world--to gather and inspire a Team for Love and together create Heaven on earth.

It began with The Book: It started with the book Love’s Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment. The book contains messages that I received through an inner dictation from The High Council (Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers). It aligns with principles in A Course in Miracles. I was told it was my soul's assignment to scribe the book. With a lot of courage and trust, I borrowed monies to self-publish with Balboa Press (a division of Hay House). I am full of joy that the book is already touching people and the feedback is amazing!  And through a professional book launch, we were able to make it a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon!

Public and Free Offerings: In service of my assignment, I also stepped into new territory and said yes to hosting my own radio show biweekly, The Love's Curriculum Radio Show. It is so much fun to connect with you in that way! And I started the Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB group, where we can come together and I may support you in living your Divine purposes and awakening Love. In the group I am so grateful to be serving from my heart and my soul assignment with free meditations, messages, and loving support and community.

Paid-for Services:  As part of my heart's service to the world, I also offer transformative programs to help you remember Love and Shine your Divine purpose in the world.

The paid-for mentoring and membership programs (and eventual retreats and workshops) that are part of Love's Curriculum have a multi-faceted responsibility: 1) to inspire and create awakening in service of Love’s Curriculum’s mission 2) to allow me to devote my professional time and energy to this important mission and earn a living and help support my family; 3) to generate monies to support the continued availability and spread of the free services like the Radio Show, online LOVE. Summit, and the Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB group ; 4) and to fund efforts to spread word about the book and movement that is Love’s Curriculum through marketing. It is about sustaining the message of Love and having a global impact for change.

The Bigger Vision: To be able to offer scholarships for those needing financial support to participate in the paid-for programs, and provide monies to publish and market a second book (currently being scribed). And the ultimate vision is to co-found with other lightworkers and Love Advocates a Foundation for Love, which would support works, teachings, events, and messages of Oneness and LOVE in the world, including a Love's University center (in Hawaii!).

WOW! An amazing love-filled vision and goal.

And it is all currently a new, young, and growing endeavor. This is where I am asking for support. If Love's Curriculum has touched your heart and soul and life, and you wish to help its continued spread and growth, please consider helping. There are many ways to help. Below are some ideas.


1) Purchase the Love's Curriculum Book for you or as a gift on Amazon here

2) WRITE A REVIEW for the book: On Amazon is a great place. Here is a direct link: WRITE REVIEW
Even if you purchased the book somewhere else, if you are a customer on Amazon you can write a review. This is so helpful in letting others know what the book is about and if it is for them.
3) HOST ME & THE HIGH COUNCIL. Love's Curriculum is ready to hit the road! If you want to organize an event (book signing and High Council Guidance Circle/Class) of at least 15 people in your area.  Contact me Here

4) DONATE to my GoFundMe campaign to help support the continued availability of the free offerings like the Radio Show, and messages and meditations in the FB group, as well as support spreading the word and reach of these services.  DONATE HERE

5) ENERGY: Sending your loving energy and prayers. And it is my joy to return the same to you.
6) CONNECT: Inform me, collaborate, and join together in opportunities to share the work and messages. Contact me Here

7) JOIN A PROGRAM: If you are feeling called to the support of mentoring with me, say “YES!” and learn more about the TEAM FOR LOVE 12 week program. I would be honored to assist you on your journey. EXPLORE HERE

All are wonderful ways to join together in spreading and igniting Love!
I am so grateful for all the continued support and to you for continuing to be courageous and show up to answer the call of your soul.

Read more about Jenny Here at the About Jenny page

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