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Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment, a new #1 International Bestseller published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc.

"Love's Curriculum is like a raging river that will run and pour through people's lives--healing, refreshing, cleansing every nook and cranny, delivering Peace in its wake." ~ The High Council


"If you are A Course in Miracles fan, you will love this book. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and by reading this book you can see how you can join the army of love." Charlene Day, Author "The 30 Laws of Flow"

"Our entire family loved Jenny’s book "Love's Curriculum" which brought us to tears and awakened our hearts to the beautiful message of unconditional Love, compassion and truth, an awe-inspiring guide for authentic living!"~ Don & Lisa Hogue

"We tend to experience life in the four areas of life Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. This book can help you gain a deeper understanding of Faith in your life." ~ Daniel Hanzelka

The book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment came to me from the High Council via an inner dictation process to which I was the scribe. (You can learn more about my amazing journey from lawyer to spiritual messenger in the Preface, Afterword, and Appendices to the book.) This process is similar to how Neale Donald Walsch wrote the Conversations with God series, Helen Schucman scribed A Course in Miracles, and how Esther Hicks shares the teachings of Abraham. The Voice behind Love's Curriculum is that of the High Council, which includes Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who have gathered as our companions to help guide us through the current spiritual Awakening.

Love's Curriculum speaks of universal truth and the universal Divine Love that connects all. It guides the world to awakening and enlightenment using language and terminology familiar to A Course in Miracles (ACIM): God, Holy Spirit, salvation, atonement, and the pronoun Him. However, one need not prescribe to a particular faith or use a particular name for the Divine to experience Love's Curriculum, and the messages often refer to the Divine in terms from different cultures and faiths. Love's Curriculum most definitely does not promote that God is a "Him;" it simply uses this familiar western and ACIM terminology. And it uses it in a universal context and imbued with the energy of Oneness and Unity to heal and rise above the idea that God could be limited to the masculine or any one name. Indeed, some of the messages in the book come from and through the energy of Divine Mother as well.

Love's Curriculum includes teachings that resonate with ACIM principles, the angels and archangels, and the ascended masters from different faiths. It includes concepts like Divine feminine and masculine, soul essence and purpose, bringing Heaven to earth, Oneness, Unity, and Light.

The book covers topics like relationship, addictions and abuse, sexual experience, depression, death and dying, suicide, manifestation, sickness, grace, and soul essence and purpose. It includes meditation and prayer.

If you enjoy a spiritual, poetic, uplifting, heart-centered method of transformation that speaks to the soul, Love's Curriculum is for you. And if not, this book still may be for you if you are searching to balance the head and the heart, to shift from fear to Love, to see the world through new eyes, and believe that we are guided by Love and loving Helpers.

In Love and Light


An excerpt from Love’s Curriculum:

As a Child of God it is your True Home and True Inheritance to be awake; it just is the truth that is always shining, always there, despite your mind thinking otherwise. And yet, even though you struggle in times of forgetting, you are all close to the end of your journey to waking. In fact, in truth you are awake and you just believe yourself to have forgotten. And even this belief that you have forgotten—this belief that you are asleep in the illusion—it, too, is only a part of this dream that you are all waking from; you have not really forgotten or slept. —Love’s Curriculum, p. 107

It is Time. Open to Love Now.

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"Over 50 Authors all telling great stories, teaching wonderful lessons , giving great advice, This book is a must read and a book I will keep going back to for information and insight..There is something for everyone in this read.. Would Highly recommend to anybody any age or gender."  ~ Lilas June Hardin

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