Live Your Divine Purpose

"Lightworkers are remembering for what they came . . . " ~ Love's Curriculum


A 90-Day Mentoring Journey with Jenny & The High Council

Connect with Divine Love and Guidance to Courageously Step into your Soul's Purpose & Share your Message and Mission

The Why: It's time to answer the call of your soul because the world needs your Divine purpose now more than ever, and it is time to be able to share your message and mission without the fear, doubt, and ego stopping you.

The What: The Live Your Divine Purpose program is a unique mentoring opportunity to work with Spiritual Messenger & Mentor, and Divine Scribe Jenny Hogg Ashwell to align your work, your relationships, your community, your business, your vision and mission, with your highest soul's purpose, so that you may bring forth the gifts and service you are meant to contribute in the world.

The How: By connecting you with Divine Love and your Divine guides and the tools and support you need to live your soul's Divine purpose and share your message and mission without fear, doubt and the ego stopping you.

The Benefit:  Living your soul's purpose, getting your message out there, and serving your mission. New levels of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, service, and passion that come as a result. Ultimately, together with others, being the change and doing your part to move the world from fear to Love, and create Heaven on earth.


It's Time for you to SHINE

How This Program Is Delivered

The 3 month (90 day) Program Includes:

  • 5 PRIVATE 1-0n-1 Sessions with me (Jenny):  You and I will do 5 60-minute private, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to support your individual transformation. These sessions may include a combination of mentoring, coaching, removing barriers to Love and letting go of limiting beliefs, healing the past, inner child work, and tuning into the High Council and your angelic-soul team (like a reading).
  • Group Support Sessions:  During the program, you will have weekly group sessions available to you. These 2 hour sessions are a time for me to teach, for you to connect with other participants as a group and learn from each other's processes, to do work collectively and individually, and to get questions answered. These groups alternate between days and evenings to accommodate different time zones and schedules. They are recorded if you have to miss. Most participants attend at least 2 per month (depending on time zone). The power of groups to shift, heal, and transform is exponential!
  • Bi-Weekly intention setting sessions: Every other week we will do a 45 minute intention setting group session to support the manifestation of your soul's purpose. These will be recorded. Also, you can check in with your intentions on the FB Community (see below) if you have to miss.
  • Learning Modules: You receive resources to take you through the SHINE System: Surrender; Heal the Heart; Intuition; Navigate the Ego; Expectancy and Trust. These modules live in a membership site and you keep lifetime access.
  • 2 Personalized High Council Messages: You will receive 2 personal written messages from the High Council (scribed by me) with insight into your soul essence and purpose. One near the start and one near the end of your time in the program.
  • Meditations: You will receive two guided meditations (MP3s)  from the High Council to use in the morning and at night to keep you on track and align, activate, and raise your connection, energy and consciousness.
  • Facebook Community: You will be a part of the private Facebook Community for participants in the program, where we can journey together. There, you can ask me questions, meet like-minded others, take steps, and continue your learning with posts, videos, and discussion.
  • Email support throughout the program
  • Accountability: The program provides accountability, coaching and support to keep moving forward in your transformation.


All that is included in this program is carefully and systematically designed to help you take supported, Spirit-guided, concrete action in knowing and living your soul's Divine purpose.

Know that I accept only a limited number of seriously committed clients into the program so that the group support is kept intimate and strong. If you wish to explore the program and whether it is truly a wonderful fit for us to work together in knowing and manifesting your soul's purpose, apply below.

What Participants are Saying



I joined Jenny’s program because I was feeling stuck in my career; I was missing passion, motivation, and inspiration to move forward on my path as a life coach. I was feeling confused around what my business should look like due to some huge changes that I had already made and I was unsure of how to find the answers. I was also looking at finding, building and strengthening my relationship with God as I had lost connection and trust in God and Angels quite some time ago. During my sessions with Jenny, she guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live my purpose. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way of trusting myself, God and Angels and she helped me tap into my own resources to find the rebranding for my business that I needed. I am now confident of the steps to move forward, but I also know that in those moments where I feel less than confident (because life happens), I can find the faith and trust within to move forward in a way that is serving to me, my passion and my purpose. Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost.


With Jenny in this program it was the first time that anyone had acknowledged my soul dream that had been with me my whole life. And the dream has expanded over the course of the program into an even bigger dream. I feel like the noise and the distractions and the ego voice are fading away, and I am clearer on what is a distraction to my dream.

Jenny encouraged me to take action, and then acknowledged it as well. She acknowledged how much I accomplished in a week, which helped me see it; usually I can have a hard time seeing what I’ve done and I focus on all I still need to do.

I feel I have a new state of being, I feel more centered in my calling, in my purpose. And it isn’t forceful, it is like a knowing or a peace that it will all work out. And that we’re not alone. That’s one of the biggest things for me….becoming aware of all the Divine help all around. And helping me acknowledge and honor that connection.

In regards to my service in the world. I realized that I see a lot of need in the world, and now I can say what can I do, and how can I take action in a Spirit-centered, grounded way and with support. The support of Jenny and the group of people on a similar journey through this program has a groundedness to it.


"Jenny held me accountable in good positive ways, not pushy. I’m someone who if someone tells me what to do I usually want to say no, but I never felt that way with Jenny. She held me accountable with very subtle and safe suggestions, so that I found my self wanting to cooperate and really drawn-in to the program. The consistency was so helpful, to have Jenny as my constant check-in and guide at the cusp of my awakening, a time that was feeling vague, unfamiliar. She validated my growth so that I could feel myself shifting every week into standing more true in myself, in my enlightened self, my awakening and getting more grounded and confident.”

About Jenny Hogg Ashwell

How does the program perform on a scale of 1 to 10

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being “totally did” and 1 being “not at all”) how did the program and working with Jenny do in getting you

  • Clarity about your soul’s purpose, soul essence, and steps? - 10!
  • Connection to your purpose and Divine Helpers (angels, guides, etc)? - 10!!!!!
  • Courage to step into concrete action and shift?  - 10!
  • Feeling like you are living your Divine purpose? - 9!

I am on my way to living my divine purpose with little to no doubt that I’ll get there. I was at a 1 when we started, so I’d say we did great. 

  • Moving past your barriers to Love, limiting beliefs, and blocks and walls? - 10!

As reported by a recent mentoring program graduate 

Check out more testimonials  and see what other clients are saying.

What results can I expect from being a participant on this journey?

"Validation of who I am. One of the biggest things I gained was taking ownership of who I am. I’ve owned that I have a lot of love in my heart; I have a lot of love to give, and I'm opening to that more and honoring it. There’s been some amazing discoveries for me. It’s been a supernatural experience. That is something unique about this program; it feels supernatural.” ~ Carlee

  • Clarity about your soul essence and purpose
  • knowing your next steps and taking action
  • Courage to keep moving through fear and doubt into your purpose
  • Feeling supported and that you belong just as you are
  • Raising your vibration and consciousness for increased abundance, health, hope, and success in all areas of your life
  • Connecting reliably on a regular basis with your angels and spiritual guidance about your life, relationships, next steps and purpose
  • A sense of belonging and being at Home
  • The freedom of being authentic and natural and the contentment, passion and joy of living on purpose
  • More positive and loving self-talk and treating yourself gently and compassionatley
  • Earning a living in your Divine purpose if that is your path
  • Heart-centered and authentic relationships
  • Compassion for the human journey
  • Acceptance of your intuitive and sensitive nature

What are some things I can expect to do and learn in the program and in the Modules?

  • How to masterfully recognize and navigate the ego, like how to lovingly say "no" to the ego
  • Remove barriers to Love, like heartbreak, grief, trauma from the past, disappointment, etc., and open your heart to become closer to yourself, others, the Divine, and your purpose
  • Heal limiting beliefs and adopt new expansive ones
  • Connect regularly and more clearly with your Divine guidance
  • The art of self-love and compassion
  • Move out of attack and blame with forgiveness techniques and owning your projections and shadows
  • Implement a daily practice of surrender, intention setting and connection with your Divine guidance
  • Build an affirmation that is complete and unique to you; it's like your own personal mantra/mission statement
  • Celebrate and have fun! and why it is important to do so
  • Take concrete steps on your path and live your purpose

"This program helped me open up my open heart, so that I can feel the rightness and the lightness of living from an open heart." ~ Emily

Okay, this sounds like a great fit for me! Now what?

This is so exciting! If you KNOW this is what you would love to do and you would like to be a part of this transformative journey, go ahead and apply with the button below. I look forward to connecting!

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Read On For More Info

  • What are group calls for? 

We gather online via a zoom meeting, where you get to check in and share, work through whatever is up on your journey individually and as a group, and I get to teach and answer questions. These interactive meetings will be approximately 120 minutes in length depending on need; they are recorded so that you may go back to them later, or catch up if you have to miss one. An agreement of confidentiality will be required of each participant with respect to participating in the group sessions and with respect to the recordings.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to share, explore and grow! Coming together as a group is a powerful experience that forges life-long relationships, accelerates the learning of each member, and builds the energy of inspiration, manifestation, and connection.

“The connection in the group sessions is wonderful. There is so much loving support. I’ve learned from each participant. It helps to paint a bigger picture of what I’m experiencing in the world. I feel a sense of belonging in this program, and that is rare for me. That is worth its weight in gold.” ~ Carlee

These sessions are offered alternately on Wednesday days and Wednesday evenings to accommodate different work/home schedules. Again, they are recorded if you have to miss. They run three weeks in a row, and then we have a week off; then the cycle repeats.

  • Why would I choose this program over others out there?

This program is unique in that throughout our journey together, we tune into the High Council and your angelic-soul team for guidance and direction and knowing. As well, the program is inspired by the messages in Love's Curriculum and the High Council's desire to guide us:

"We wish to help you learn how to bring this Love [Divine Love, God's Love, the Love That Connects All] into the world--to bring Heaven to earth, which is your job and mission for God as part of His army (His team) for Love and which leads all to Awakening." ~ Jesus and Divine Mother, Love's Curriculum

Also, the courses that I have found that offer the most transformation and in which participants have the biggest success are those that include live mentorship, one on one support and accountability, and surrender to Divine guidance and intuition. That is what you get here.

Plus, you get my full attention and desire to help you SHINE bright and live your Divine purpose. I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders! It is my honor and gift to see the bright light in you (when you may not see it in yourself) and to hold the vision of your purpose and help it unfold and reveal in your life. And another AMAZING thing: I will also be sharing with you everything I've learned and experienced that has allowed me to live my Divine purpose as a spiritual messenger and mentor, so that you can launch your life in the direction your hear and soul desire!

I invite you to the About Jenny Page to learn more about me.

Mentoring with you sounds like something I may be interested in, but I would like to know even more about you Jenny, Love's Curriculum, and your background and work first.

Sounds good. I invite you to learn all about me and my story and journey, as well as my education and training and experience on my About Jenny Page .  And then feel free to come back here and apply. If your application is accepted, then we will book a complimentary Clarity Session to explore further. In your Clarity session we can also talk more about me and Love's Curriculum.

Also, to sample more of my work I invite you to join my Lightworkers & Love Advocates Facebook Group (if you haven't yet) where I offer free meditations. Request to Join us here You may also check out the book HERE, or LEARN MORE  about the Radio Show & Podcast.

Not Ready?

In Love’s Curriculum, the High Council speaks often about the University that you are a part of and from where they teach; they speak of how they wish to continue their teaching with you and your curriculum beyond the words in the book Love’s Curriculum.
The new Monthly Circle program is an opportunity to be in that University space with me and the High Council on a regular basis to learn more about your soul’s essence and purpose, to understand your own connection with the High Council, and to grow into shining the authentic Light you are meant to share with the world Now.
What you get in the Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle:
• ONE monthly Live 75-minute Circle with me and the High Council, including learning, guided meditation, instruction from me and the High Council, a chance to join your heart light with others in the group for the benefit of All, and Q&A;
• Inspired monthly content, messages, themes and focus from Jenny and the High Council;
• Membership in a private FB community with other Circle Members where we can continue the learning and growing and you get an extra Wednesday FB live meditation/message
• Recordings of the live sessions in case you miss.
And as a BONUS I am excited to include with your membership TWO meditations from the High Council, one to use in the morning and one at night, to *align your energy and intention, *raise your vibration, and *inspire connection to the High Council and your Divine Helpers. These mediations are typically reserved for clients in the Mentoring program LIVE YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE, but I would like to include them for you when you join the Membership Circle because they are a great way to encourage lasting transformation and shift.
And a cool thing: the meditations, recordings, calendar of events, and inspired monthly messages will all live in a easy to use Membership Site.
The investment is $29.00 USD/ month
(and you may cancel your subscription at any time).

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