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Mentoring with Jenny Hogg Ashwell

Perhaps, lightworker, you've always felt a little out of place, like you didn't belong here on earth. Yet you know you are here to help.

You feel it in your heart. Your soul is calling you toward something more, something different, something more authentic. Your Higher Self is calling you.

Are you ready to take action and live your Divine purpose? Are you ready to SHINE?

Mentoring provides the clarity, connection, and courage to do so.

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Embodiment of Love

Clarity, connection, and courage come from

  • knowing who you are and what your purpose is here
  • knowing you can make a difference . . . and knowing How!
  • feeling you are loved and being guided by loving Divine Helpers every step of the way
  • connecting to and opening to the LOVE That Connects All. The Divine (Universal) Love that IS always.

When we have these knowings, connections, and experiences, we feel the light of our Authentic Divine Nature, and it shines in the world. We are able to take loving action in the world from this, our Authentic Divine Self. We are able to live our Divine purpose. We can be the change we wish to see in the world while feeling happy, connected, authentic, passionate, and from a place of knowing that we belong.

The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose™ 90 day program can help provide the courage, clarity, and connection to answer the call of your soul and shine.

Love Advocate, it is time to move through fear and doubt and awaken the world to LOVE. 

Read more about the program below. Or Book a Complimentary Clarity Call to learn more and experience the support available.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

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The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose™ 90-Day Program

Together let's make the next few months your time to remember and connect to the Love That Connects All, to your soul's essence and purpose, and to your loving Divine guidance, so you can answer the call of your soul and live your Divine purpose. Through the 90-day mentoring program The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose™ receive the support, guidance, and tools you need so you can be the change you wish to see in your relationships, families, work, community, and the world.

You deserve to feel the clarity, connection, and sense of belonging that come from

  • experiencing the Love That Connects All--the Love that IS always.
  • knowing you are Love and loved, and being guided by loving Divine Helpers every step of the way
  • knowing what your purpose here is
  • knowing You can make a difference . . . and knowing How!

Is it for you?

The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose™ program is designed to support lightworkers and Love advocates on a spiritual and personal growth path who are serious about making big shifts and dedicated to living their soul's path and shining their light this year. They feel an urgency to share Love, remember who they are and why they came, and take loving action in their relationships, families, work, community, and the world.

The program is for you if you are ready to work in a gentle, loving, inclusive, compassionate, supportive environment with Jenny, the High Council, and your angelic-soul team to

  • move through fear and the ego
  • know and live your unique soul purpose
  • remove the barriers to Love and open your heart
  • embody self-love and compassion
  • practice forgiveness and own your projections
  • be an advocate for Love in your relationship with yourself, others, children, family, coworkers, community, and the world

The program is both personalizedJenny tunes in to your angelic-soul team and the High Council to guide you, as well as structured, leading you through The Path of Love™ system:

  1. Surrender: You must surrender your limited human understanding to trust in Spirit’s guidance and plan. It is a process of setting intentions, receiving visions of your future, then letting go; continually letting go and asking the Divine (God, the Holy Spirit, angels, Jesus--whatever Helper you wish to call on) to lead the way for the highest good of all. Together we will learn and practice the art of surrender.
  2. Discover your soul’s essence and purpose. With the guidance of the High Council and your angelic-soul team, we will explore your unique soul essence and purpose here. You will see how your experiences, challenges, and stories, set you up perfectly for your purpose and the way in which you are to help others and the world. You will discover you own "blueprint to enlightenment."
  3. Heal and Open the Heart: Love IS always and you are Love. Our job is to remove the barriers to Love, revealing your Authentic Divine Nature. We will release blocks and limiting beliefs from past experience, including wounds and traumas, heartbreak, grief and loss that close the heart to Love. This may involve healing the pain and trauma of childhood, past lives, or current losses. We must first allow and attend to our feelings in order to move through them and forward with an open heart to a life that is rich in connection and Love..
  4. Strengthen Intuition: To lead a heart-centered, soul-directed, Spirit-driven life, it is important to learn to tune in to the Love and spiritual guidance that is always available to guide you on your path. This may include working with your guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides, the High Council, and other Divine Helpers. You will become an intuitive who can navigate the physical world with ease and grace.
  5. Move through Fear and the Ego: Fear and the ego (including  doubt, negative self talk, judgment) will arise as you step forward on your path to live your Divine purpose. I call these "ego attacks" or "ego backlash." You will be supported to move through fear and to recognize the ego, and to lovingly and firmly say no to the ego. You will be able to masterfully move through fear and ego as you step forward on your soul’s path and open to Love.
  6. Practice Forgiveness. Healing our guilt, shame, and grievances is imperative on the path of Love. Our work together will help in this process. Forgiveness work also includes a regular awareness of our projections onto others. You will learn practices to own these projections and shadows to move into the experience of the Love That Connects All.
  7. Embody self-love and compassion. Also vital on the Path of Love is becoming self-loving and compassionate. Loving yourself is the way to truly loving others and to experiencing Oneness and the Love That Connects All. Our work together will increase your self-love and compassion with focused awareness and practices, and by helping you experience the Divine Love that is available for you.
  8. Follow a Daily Practice. Being on a path of Love and living your Divine purpose requires regularly shifting from fear to Love, opening your heart, and connecting to the vibration of Love and your spiritual guidance. With the help of the High Council and your angelic-soul team, will explore what daily practices (i.e., meditation, affirmations, journaling, yoga, music, chanting, dance) are best suited to help you and develop a personal plan for you.
  9. Trust. Continuing to step into your Divine purpose and shine requires a ton of trust. An adjunct to surrender, trust includes setting intentions and believing the result will come . . .  or something better. It requires trusting that the outcome, in whatever form, will be in your highest good and the highest good of all. It is about expecting miracles, trusting in the power of the Divine to manifest in ways you can't even dream. It is about trusting the process of your unfoldment. Our work together will increase your ability to trust, let go, and feel supported.
  10. Celebrate and Have Fun! Together we will celebrate your wins and transformation. And the whole program will be imbued with lightness and fun!

The Path of Love: Live Your Divine Purpose™ program includes:

  • 9 - 60 minute personal mentoring sessions with Jenny
  • 3 personalized written High Council messages
  • Recorded meditations
  • Activations of energy, Light, and consciousness
  • Accountability, worksheets, tools and exercises to help implement the shifts, guidance and learning
  • Support via email during the program
  • Access to the guidance of your angelic-soul team and the High Council

Embark on the Path of Love. Your Divine purpose is waiting!

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"Jenny is a wise and skilled spiritual healer. Her gift of being able to channel the Divine is empowering and helpful for anyone looking to understand themselves and their life purpose better."

Katherine Aucoin


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