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LET’S CHANGE OUR STORIES! So much empowerment, freedom, and shifts await us when we change our old limited stories and adopt a new mantra on life! View the Video HERE   Q: What old mistaken belief did you decide when you were young that might still be creating the same situation and painful experience over and…

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I’m excited to share my interview with Nancy Gaines on May 2. It’s all about passion and purpose, and my journey from lawyer to spiritual messenger and mentor. It is a business podcast, and if felt wonderful to bridge the business world and the heart in the interview. Thanks for listening! Listen HERE

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May I share a secret?

May I share a secret? I am about to make one of my dreams a reality! I have now set my sights on getting my message of LOVE out there in a BIG way. I feel blessed to have an amazing career as a spiritual messenger and mentor helping lightworkers and Love Advocates gain the…

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