Meet Jenny

& her Heart-Centered Movement for LOVE

"Know the Love that is here always. That is our biggest wish for you and Love's Curriculum's goal . . . "

~ The High Council

Welcome to Love's Curriculum! I'm glad that you are here.

Below, I'd like to answer a few questions so you can get to know me, Jenny Hogg Ashwell, the scribe of Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment--The High Council, and the founder of  Love's Curriculum.


Jenny, how long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Spiritual Messenger & Mentor and Bridge for the High Council?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment that brought me to where I am today – leading and mentoring lightworkers like you to awaken to Love and align with your soul's Divine purpose. That defining moment in my life happened in 1996.

But let's first go back to 1988, when I was graduating from High School. I was a go-getter, academic achiever and athlete, and had a strong desire to "save the world" or at least change it for the better. On the inside, I also struggled with OCD and flirted with anorexia, and I didn't feel that I belonged. (You might relate to this feeling of not belonging?) Despite these hurdles, in my co-valedictorian speech I declared: "Watch out world! Here we (I) come!"

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As I entered my undergraduate education at the University of California Berkeley, I was excited to learn, study, make friends, and have fun. I was ready for the full university life experience. In the first few weeks of school, I met a nice guy and we dated for a couple of weeks. He made me a cassette tape (remember those?) of U2 songs for my birthday. A week later he broke up, stating that we weren't a good fit because my dream to "save the world" was more than what he envisioned for himself. I took this to mean I was "too much", reinforcing an already hidden fear and belief about myself. And maybe my dream meant I couldn't also have a partner, and getting married and having a family was important to me.

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At the end of that year, I fell head over heels with another young man (who would later become my first husband). It was karma!  And I oh so wanted him to love and accept me. As a result, I began to change believing I needed to please him. I grew my hair out, I distanced from my friends, and I changed my major to Business Administration.

I became very externally driven, listened more to others' ideas for me, and I began to make decisions from my head not my heart. After undergrad, I travelled and then attended Northwestern University of Law in Chicago because I didn't know what else to do (I'd lost any passion) and it made sense. I could be successful financially as well.

Then it happened . . . in 1996 on the very first day of my  full-time job as a lawyer, I received a very unexpected wake-up call from my soul. I heard a message from Spirit, from my Higher-Self (I also call it God, Creator, Higher Power, Goddess, the Divine, Love - it’s all the same to me). I remember the moment well.

I was walking into (of all places!) the women's bathroom in the large law firm in Phoenix where I had just started working, when a knowing came over me. An internal voice awoke a feeling in my gut saying gently but firmly, “Remember, your soul has other plans.” I was shocked but surprisingly peaceful, considering I had just spent three years in law school training for a law career (and had over $50K in debt!). It was my big Remembering. And I chose to listen.

I began asking myself, “What do I want to explore? “Where does my passion lie?” and the big one – “Why am I here?” Once I began listening to that still voice within, I was thrown into “spiritual growth in high gear” – receiving all sorts of guidance: “Take this class.” “Read this book.” “Talk to this person.” These may seem simplistic, but I was also led to seek out the support I needed to end my unhealthy marriage and begin to heal.


The doors kept opening. I found my passion in personal and spiritual growth, Reiki, intuition, and angel communication. A few years later, I basically went through three divorces at once - I left an unhealthy marriage, my law career that was successful but passionless, and my home in Phoenix for a new start in Canada (after meeting and falling in love with a young man from Canada).

My spiritual and personal development continued at a rapid pace. (Yes, I’m passionate about personal growth!) This included starting and raising my family, navigating a second divorce, successful co-parenting, a third marriage, relocations, over a 1000 hours participating in and assisting transformational workshops, studying A Course in Miracles, and retraining in transpersonal counselling psychology.

All the while, I honored the intuitive guidance I was given, eventually connecting with my star-child soul essence. From there, in 2013 I learned of my soul assignment to scribe the book Love’s Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council, which includes Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers. (You can find out more about this part of my journey in the Preface, Afterword, and appendices to the book.) At this point, the choice to move through fear and doubt and “come out of the closet” to share my intuitive gifts required much faith, surrender, and trust.

Step by step, I  journeyed outside the analytical and intellectual world I knew well, radically changed my life, and started guiding people seeking their own Rememberings and Awakenings: I watched their authentic Divine essence and purpose unfold too! I came to see that as each lightworker opens to Divine Love and remembers their soul essence and purpose, their own "blueprint to enlightenment" takes shape. And it calls them to take loving action in the world, to be Christ Consciousness in the world, in their own unique way and sphere. And then together we create Heaven on earth, a new level of peace and harmony on earth.


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Over the years, I’ve worked with many clients and spoken in front of and led countless groups. I've offered Angel Guidance Readings, High Council guidance, and spiritual counselling and mentoring. Currently,  I serve by hosting the Love's Curriculum Radio Show biweekly, heading the Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB group, mentoring in my Live Your Divine Purpose Program, and being a conduit for the High Council in the Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle program.  I also founded the LOVE. Summit. And I love to come speak to and lead groups worldwide. You can check out some of these offerings farther down on this page.

On a personal note, I continue to live my heart's desire to travel and connect with friends and family all over the world, and I am creating my dream of relocating (at least some of the year) to my heart’s home – Hawaii!--and to found a Love's University Centre there with others.

I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others remember the Love That Connects All and move through their fears and doubts to live their soul's Divine purpose. It’s all part of my heart’s calling to lead the world to change through my movement Love’s Curriculum with the inspiration of the High Council and in community with other lightworkers and Love Advocates.

Who is a part of the Love's Curriculum community and who are your clients?

Lightworkers and Love advocates like you who are serious about making big shifts and taking concrete action in living their soul's Divine purpose. They are action takers dedicated to shining their heart light in the world. They may feel an urgency to share Love, remember who they are and why they came, and take guided action in their relationships, families, work, community, and the world. However, they may need support to discover exactly what that purpose is and what steps to take, to remember they belong, to deal with confusion and overwhelm, to keep moving forward through fear and the ego, and to connect regularly with their spiritual guidance so that they can feel safe, clear, and confident to shine their light and live their Divine purpose. In my programs, circles, and sessions I've worked with . . .

  • Transpersonal and spiritual counselors
  • Personal development students
  • Spiritual seekers
  • Lightworkers
  • Love advocates
  • A Course in Miracles students
  • Earth Angels
  • Star Children/Star Seeds
  • Business Managers
  • Professionals
  • Mothers and fathers
  • Teachers
  • Intuitives
  • Social workers
  • Coaches
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Massage Therapists
  • Energy Practitioners
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chinese Medicine Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Spiritual entrepreneurs

What is unique about you as a Spiritual Mentor?

I radiate LOVE, LIGHT and REMEMBERING brightly to empower its natural emergence in you. And I am truly grateful and honored that I can surrender and connect you with the Love and guidance of the High Council and your angelic-soul team.

I also walk the talk. I have been travelling the same journey that I guide you on for over 20 years now; I have done extensive spiritual and personal growth and continue to do so. I uphold the “healer heal thyself” philosophy.


My heart deeply desires to help you shine your authentic Divine purpose in the world. I create an inclusive, safe, gentle, compassionate, environment for you to open and expand, and I bring through the High Council's messages and the guidance of your angelic-soul team in a clear and loving way for your highest good and the highest good of all. And we have fun at it too!

Below are some of the ways in which you can learn, connect, and grow with me, the High Council, and Love's Curriculum.

The Love's Curriculum Monthly Circle program

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A Year of Mentorship to Align Your Work, Mission, Life with Your Soul's Purpose

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Live Your Divine Purpose 90-Day Mentoring Program

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The Love's Curriculum Radio Show & Podcast

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Lightworkers & Love Advocates FB Group

In Love and Light,


My Why

Love's Curriculum is a movement. I have always been called to spread LOVE, to bring LOVE to the world. Touched at the heart and the core, my spirit and soul have travelled to bring Love. . . . "What the world needs now, is Love, sweet Love.". . . And Love has been there and is there always, and it is about revealing that Love. Love's Curriculum is the format in which this assignment has come to me, this time.

Love's Curriculum is about remembering the Love that is always there; experiencing that Divine Love; experiencing your soul's essence and purpose and living it here, bringing that here; being the Christ Consciousness in the world; having compassion for this human existence and what it means to transform the world into Heaven on earth.

Join the movement today. Whether it's to be part of Love's Curriculum events, reading the book, joining in circle, working with me as a mentor, or in whatever way you are called to bring Love, to do your own healing and growing, to bring Heaven to earth, to join in this movement for LOVE.

What My Clients are Saying . . .

There are times in our search for meaning, self or God that one can feel so lost that we are not sure which way is up anymore. It only makes sense that in the realization of truth, that all our childlike fairy tales and concepts will get stripped away to that which is pure and real. I recently found myself in this place of utter confusion where I was feeling immense existential fear. I was grateful to have reached out to Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Her work and communication with a higher form of beings called The High Council was instrumental in helping me to navigate out of my “Dark Night”. I was reminded of the truth that I know in my heart but I needed to hear to continue my journey. ~ Sandy W

When I first went to see Jenny for an Angel reading, I was really struggling in my personal life. I was in need of clarity and/or confirmation that I was on the right path. Not only did Jenny confirm my path, but she blew me away with her accuracy on the area in which I was struggling. She was able to tap into what my Guides wanted me to know, and shared the next steps I should take–ones that truly honoured my Soul. The guidance that I received through the reading comforted my heart, and I have since been able to draw on the information when I feel conflicted in moments of adversity. I have seen Jenny a few times now for an Angel Guidance Reading, Guided Nature Walk, and a group High Council channeling session, and I always walk away feeling more grounded within myself and connected to my Soul, Angels and Guides. Jenny’s work is truly a gift to the world. ~ Arianne Moore-Armstrong, Life Coach 

Jenny is a wise and skilled spiritual healer. Her gift of being able to channel the divine is empowering and helpful for anyone looking to understand themselves and their life purpose better. ~ Katherine Aucoin, Counselor