A Message on Surrender from the Ducks

Okay…what’s with me and the ducks this spring! You may have seen my post the other day about the mother duck and her ducklings on the highway. I have good thoughts that the
ducks made it across as I haven’t seen evidence otherwise!? No feathers on the highway …gulp.
And this morning in my neighborhood, I helped another duck with her ducklings cross the road! At one point I wasn’t sure I’d be helping or making things worse, but they made it across.
The ducklings are so hilarious….some following in a strong, straight line, others wandering in the wrong direction, and others awkward, stumbling, and bumping into things….Hmmmmm….could this describe us as people too! I think I can relate to all of those as parts of me. Sometimes stumbling, sometimes off in the wrong direction, and sometimes following diligently. Or maybe all of them at once!
I can relate to the mother duck too then, trying to bring all these parts of me in line and safely across the road. There is a message in there for me…..I think the symbolism is that the mother duck part of me can’t do it alone and needs to rely on her connection with God, Goddess, All That Is, in order to safely reach HOME.
I’m curious, which duckling behavior (or is it mother duck) best describes you today or generally in your life right now?

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