10 Reasons Why I Listen to the Guidance of My Angels and Divine Helpers

I imagine sometimes, someone asking me “Why would you listen to these outside beings (like angels and guides and the High Council) to drive your life and path?” And I realize this imaginary conversation with this imaginary person represents the part of my mind that still wonders “why?”, and resists surrendering to my Divine path. So I tuned in and was inspired with these 10 reasons . . .

  1. Their voice is my voice, is the Voice of God, and the highest idea of me, my highest self.
  2. I am opening to God’s Love.
  3. They are God’s Divine Helpers.
  4. I feel at Home, at peace, in Love and joy, when I listen to my Divine Helpers and path.
  5. It opens within me a feeling of ease, grace, and flow.
  6. I feel on purpose.
  7. I feel that I am serving the greater good.
  8. I feel I belong and have a higher reason for being here.
  9. It helps me get out of my own struggle and find ways through.
  10. It helps me feel loved, hopeful, strong, and courageous.

Wow! Those are some good reasons!

I would love to hear your reasons in the comments. Perhaps they are on this list and perhaps you have others to add. LOVE. ~ Jenny

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