May I share a secret?

May I share a secret?
I am about to make one of my dreams a reality! I have now set my sights on getting my message of LOVE out there in a BIG way.
I feel blessed to have an amazing career as a spiritual messenger and mentor helping lightworkers and Love Advocates gain the clarity, connection, and courage to shine. My desire now is to reach even more people, to awaken more hearts and minds, by skyrocketing my unique and inspiring book to INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING STATUS!
I am dedicated to awakening Love in the world, and my book is a conduit for that mission. I am over the moon happy that my book has already received rave reviews and is changing lives. Now on to reaching more and more people with its enlightening messages!
My secret is . . . I am doing a big book launch (something I haven’t done before) on May 2, 2017. It will be a big rolling out for my book. . . and my question is, Will you join me?
Part of creating a dream is having a dream team. I’d be honored if you would join mine. Will you assist me to take my dream from vision to fruition?
I promise that on May 2nd, I will send you the exciting details. You will be the first to learn about this amazing event to IGNITE LOVE and how you can help. You’ll be with me on the ground floor, while the book is being launched and my dream is becoming a reality. You’ll be there helping ignite LOVE across the world!
Thank you for your support!
In Love and Light,
Jenny Hogg Ashwell
This is a secret so I can’t share MUCH right now, however……
Please mark this date and information on your calendar:
“Tuesday, May 2: Jenny Hogg Ashwell, Book Launch!”

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