A Message from the High Council re: the London Terrorist Attack

The High Council on the London event and other “dark” events in the world

Dearest Ones, we wish to remind you of the light as you see what appears to be darkness in the world. We wish for you to be the bringers of the light; this light that is always there and yet appears to be shielded or cloaked or dimmed, especially seems to be the case in certain individuals and groups that appear to be acting for the dark. But remember that it is not ultimately the truth that the light or those seemingly working for the light are fighting against the dark. That is ultimately not the truth, although it may appear that way in your world of duality and form. Remember what I, Jesus, came to teach and am continuing to teach through beautiful lightworkers and messages of light: I teach that we are all One, that the dark and light, appearing dark and light, are within the Oneness united as a Whole; and that this darkness that appears to be acted out is merely a call for the Light, a call from the shadows, the appearing shadows, for the Light. For a shadow is not really a thing; the Light is all around always and only appears to be dimmed or dark in some places. Do not get confused or drawn or swayed into believing darkness is the truth. Light and Love and the Word of God are the Truth. And so, with incidents like London, we wish for you to bring the Light. Shine the Light so that the shadow disappears.

How to do this? We the High Council—Jesus, the angels, the light teachers—wish for you to do the work of bringing Love to the dark and shadowed parts within you, and from there you may radiate and shine the light out to the world in wholeness and strength, and then lighting the shadows that seems to be “out there.”

How do you own it and heal it within you? There are many beautiful practices in your world. Choose the one for you, which is important again to the knowing of Oneness. There is not one “right” way. All these beautiful paths of light and owning your projections and remembering Oneness and compassion and Love may lead you to the same place, may heal this mistaken belief in an evil that could truly be real, for ultimately only Love and Light are Real. And it is with great Love and compassion that we guide you. We send Great Love and Compassion to you in those moments of fear and heartbreak and devastation as you begin to heal and reveal the Light in All.

And so it is. We Love you.

Jesus and the angels of the High Council

View Jenny’s video with a practice on how to own the shadow within our own mind and the group collective mind View Video


  1. Wesley on March 24, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Much appreciaton and gratitude for this timely message. Much much love and light inward as out.

    Many Blessings.

  2. Kajsa Futrell on March 24, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Thank you Jenny, this is so true….loving the shadows inside ourselves in order to love the shadows outside!
    Much love

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