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Welcome Home lightworkers and Love Advocates to a community and teachings that can help.

“[You] were placed and assigned to this time in order to ignite your heart light and center and begin shining that in the world.” ~ The High Council (from the book: Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment).

Brought to you by spiritual messenger and mentor Jenny Hogg Ashwell, Love's Curriculum is a #1 International Bestselling book published by Balboa Press a Division of Hay House Inc. and a movement to help lightworkers and Love Advocates like you awaken Love and higher consciousness in the world.

What Readers are saying about the Book:

"If you are A Course in Miracles fan, you will love this book. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and by reading this book you can see how you can join the army of love." Charlene Day, Author The 30 Laws of Flow

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Jenny Hogg Ashwell, Spiritual Messenger & Mentor

"This amazing book is filled with such beautifully inspired wisdom. Each word a revelation of Divine Love that wants nothing more than to be born into this world of form that we may all awaken to the truth that is at the very heart of us all: We are but Love! Blessings to you Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Thanks to you the world is that much closer to seeing Love's truth." ~ Wesley Earl Reid

"Let Love's Curriculum help open the doors in your mind, the windows in your heart and soul. Let it help awaken in you the Memory of Love. It is time." ~ The High Council

Love's Curriculum: Three ways to get involved

Love's Curriculum Book

The Book

Learn more about the inspirational spiritual guidebook. Remember Love. Uncover your soul's Divine purpose.

Group Sessions - Love's Curriculum

Groups, Events, Radio

Learn and grow in loving community. Open to Love and Divine purpose. Receive the High Council's guidance.

Mentoring - Love's Curriculum

Mentoring Program

Make this your time to shine! Move from fear to Love. Live your Divine purpose. Be the change in the world.

Discover the Inspiration Behind Love's Curriculum


Jenny Hogg Ashwell and The High Council

Inspired and guided by the High Council, Love's Curriculum is a #1 International Bestselling book (Balboa Press a Division of Hay House Inc.) brought to you by Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Jenny, a former lawyer and now a spiritual messenger and mentor, through an amazing journey connected with the star-child essence of her soul and learned of her assignment to scribe the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council. The High Council includes Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers who have gathered in the spiritual realm to guide us. While they seem to appear outside of us as teachers, they are clear in communicating that in reality they and we are one, and they represent the enlightened part of the group consciousness. Their goal: To awaken us to the Love that connects all. They call us to remember our Divine nature and to connect our hearts in Love across the world, igniting the memory of universal Divine Love, Christ Consciousness, and our soul essences and purposes to reveal Heaven on earth. 

Happy thoughts from Love's Curriculum clients

There are times in our search for meaning, self or God that one can feel so lost that we are not sure which way is up anymore. It only makes sense that in the realization of truth, that all our childlike fairy tales and concepts will get stripped away to that which is pure and real. I recently found myself in this place of utter confusion where I was feeling immense existential fear. I was grateful to have reached out to Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Her work and communication with a higher form of beings called The High Council was instrumental in helping me to navigate out of my “Dark Night”. I was reminded of the truth that I know in my heart but I needed to hear to continue my journey. ~ Sandy W

When I first went to see Jenny for an Angel reading, I was really struggling in my personal life. I was in need of clarity and/or confirmation that I was on the right path. Not only did Jenny confirm my path, but she blew me away with her accuracy on the area in which I was struggling. She was able to tap into what my Guides wanted me to know, and shared the next steps I should take–ones that truly honoured my Soul. The guidance that I received through the reading comforted my heart, and I have since been able to draw on the information when I feel conflicted in moments of adversity. I have seen Jenny a few times now for an Angel Guidance Reading, Guided Nature Walk, and a group High Council channeling session, and I always walk away feeling more grounded within myself and connected to my Soul, Angels and Guides. Jenny’s work is truly a gift to the world. ~ Arianne Moore-Armstrong, Life Coach 

Jenny is a wise and skilled spiritual healer. Her gift of being able to channel the divine is empowering and helpful for anyone looking to understand themselves and their life purpose better. ~ Katherine Aucoin, Counselor

Messages of Enlightenment

An excerpt from Love’s Curriculum:

As a Child of God it is your True Home and True Inheritance to be awake; it just is the truth that is always shining, always there, despite your mind thinking otherwise. And yet, even though you struggle in times of forgetting, you are all close to the end of your journey to waking. In fact, in truth you are awake and you just believe yourself to have forgotten. And even this belief that you have forgotten—this belief that you are asleep in the illusion—it, too, is only a part of this dream that you are all waking from; you have not really forgotten or slept. —Love’s Curriculum, p. 107

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